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About the Scientific Council

ADAA’s Scientific Council (SC) is comprised of mid- and senior-level basic and clinical researchers committed to the organization. The SC shall consist of not less than 15 and not more than 75 members.  

The SC contributes scientific expertise and mentorship, actively grows membership, and encourages participation among colleagues, students and fellows, and volunteers to participate in projects that maintain ADAA’s leading edge in research, dissemination, and treatment. 

Scientific Council Chair 

Victoria Risbrough, PhD
University of California San Diego

Scientific Council Vice Chair

Diego Pizzagalli, PhD
McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School

Applicants must be current ADAA members at the rank or equivalent of associate professor or higher. Candidates should be active in ADAA, present at the conference, and participate in review and other committees.

Individuals may apply or be nominated to serve a four-year term. To accomplish ADAA’s mission, it is critical that members of the Scientific Council participate and are visible at the conference by presenting and mentoring as well as encouraging colleagues to join and attend the conference.

SC members are expected to meet the following minimum responsibilities and renewal on the Council will be evaluated based on participation:

  • Maintain annual professional membership throughout term
  • Attend one ADAA Annual Conference and participate in the SC meeting held at the conference at least twice during four-year term
  • Be responsive to invitations to review for the Depression & Anxiety journal, and prioritize such peer-review service for the ADAA journal in comparison with other journals
  • Make an annual gift (of any size) to ADAA by the end of the calendar year
  • Reviewed at least two articles for Depression & Anxiety in the past year
  • Advance ADAA’s scientific mission through active service. Individuals can meet their annual commitment in several ways (minimum of two):
    • Review research and/or poster submissions for the Annual Conference (Fall)
    • Serve on the Scientific Research Symposium subcommittee
    • Serve as a mentor for CDLP award winners 
    • Participate in a SC initiatives such as development of scientific content for the ADAA website (i.e. blog posts, trends in clinical practice, respond to media)
    • Chair a Standing Committee, SIG, or Conference Sub-Committee


Current Scientific Council Members

Read the ADAA Committee Guidelines.

Have a question about the Scientific Council? Please contact ADAA.